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Cloisim Classroom Audio brings 40 years of experience to the table in offering the latest solutions to barriers created by hearing loss and other auditory conditions experienced by Irish Students.


It has become abundantly clear that the use of Remote Microphones and Classroom Amplification systems in the typical Irish school environment are essential tools for those with these conditions.













With that in mind Cloisim places a huge emphasis on the provision of the necessary backup service so that there is minimal downtime if technical issues arise.

1). Full in-house Service Department.

2). Same day over the phone/email advice.

3). Installation by Professionally Trained Technicians

4). Call out service facility.

5). Appointment based in-house consultation.

6). Full parts/accessory provision.



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 Technical and Service Questions Welcomed.


Visit our "Help & Support" Page for links, video and resources for Irish teachers and parents of hearing impaired children.

Overcoming Barriers to Classroom Learning​
















 • Click Here for equipment "how-to" videos, references for Irish educators and helpful links for parents with hearing impaired children.


 We include links to Soundfield and Specialised Classroom Amplification System Manufacturers recommended for the typical school and classrooms in Ireland.

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