Wireless microphone technology helps Students

with a hearing loss or processing difficulties to

understand more speech in noise and over distance.

Teaching styles and learning methods are becoming

more and more interactive and students with hearing loss or other hearing difficulties need

clear access to not only the

teacher’s voice but

also their peers’ voices.


Remote microphones are

successfully used in many 

classrooms around the world

by teachers and students to

ensure students with hearing

loss or other hearing

difficulties have clear

access to the teacher’s

voice throughout the

school day. However, teaching styles are

becoming increasingly more dynamic and interactive. Increasing amounts of the day are involved in peer or group discussion activities.


Although dynamic and participatory styles of learning are becoming standard, the ability of hearing impaired children to effectively hear in these situations has been limited. The latest generation of Education microphones are designed for the fast paced modern classroom with a variety of teaching styles and learning activities. The use of this technology allows for multiple microphone use and increased functionality, such as conference mode, which allows for its use during small group activities.   


The following graphs clearly illustrate the impact that selected remote classroom microphone systems have when faced with competing background noise.


Here you see how hearing aids alone struggle to perceive speech in different noise environments 

and over distance.


Classroom Noise Graph
Classroom sound Graph

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